JRE Operations Corporation

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission and Purpose

Changing the World with Renewable Energy

For Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Vision

Our goal is to operate all our power plants safely so as to bring prosperity to each and every local community.

New sites for renewable energy power generation facilities (power plants) are rapidly increasing in number. To avoid this trend becoming a temporary phenomenon, we will ensure stability and continuity in the operation of our plants going forward with a view to creating a world with a well-established renewable energy infrastructure.
In the operation of our power plants, we prioritize safety and take into consideration the environment and society to fulfill our duty as a member of the local community so that the public will have confidence in the safety of renewable energy power generation.

Our Value


Enjoy work and create an enjoyable workplace
Always look one step ahead and prioritize safety
Endeavor to carry out stable operations under a variety of environments
Address challenges to future growth in cooperation with both internal and external stakeholders
Never stop learning to improve our skills

Japan Renewable Energy (JRE) Group
Code of Conduct

1. Compliance with laws, regulations and corporate ethics

  • (1) As responsibility for engaging in social infrastructure construction, we will act with highest ethics.
  • (2) We will observe laws, regulations and internal rules concerning business activities.
  • (3) To conduct our business activities equitably, we will pay heed to laws, regulations and to social norms, and will maintain sound and normal relationships with political and government bodies in our activities.
  • (4) We will take a resolute stance toward anti-social activities and forces, and refuse not only any patronage but also any association whatsoever.

2. Coexistence with the global environment and local communities

  • (1) We will actively strive to preserve the global environment.
  • (2) We will place utmost importance on dialog with local communities for realizing coexistence.

3. Proper management of assets and information

  • (1) We will properly manage and make efficient use of the assets of the company.
  • (2) We will carefully manage and handle confidential corporate and personal information.

4. Respect for humanity

  • (1) We will aim to create safe and comfortable workplace environments.
  • (2) We will respect each other's human rights and will act with passion and responsibility.
  • (3) We will proactively practice fair and open communication.
  • (4) We will always humbly embrace feelings of thoughtfulness and gratitude.
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