JRE Operations Corporation

Description of business

JRE Operations Corporation’s business involves carrying out operation and maintenance tasks, including facility and asset management, for renewable energy power plants that utilize solar, wind, biomass, and other forms of natural energy.

Operation, maintenance, and facility management business

We are engaged in an operation and maintenance (O&M) business that ensures the safe and stable operation of renewable energy power generation facilities throughout Japan, including solar, wind, and biomass power plants.
While controlling the performance of renewable energy power generation is not easy since it is dependent on natural conditions, it is human technologies that can best exploit the great potential of natural energy.
To “change the world with renewable energy,” our business needs to increase the desire of the public to keep power plants in their communities.
Because we are always positioned at the front line in the power plant management business, we can perform the daily O&M tasks safely and co-exist peacefully with the local community.

Asset management business

The operation of a power plant involves not only controlling the hardware, but also managing the abstract side of things, such as personnel, skills, and information. Our asset management (AM) business aims to draw out the optimal performance of the special purpose companies (SPCs) that own the power plants.
We believe that this optimal performance must involve not only obtaining substantial profits from the power generation business, but also adhering to the rules as a member of the community and meeting expectations.
SPCs receive investments from investors and obtain loans from financial institutions so that they can develop or operate power plants, which entails reporting to investors, distributing profits, repaying the principal and interest to the financial institutions, and implementing other covenant clauses in the financing agreements. We carry out these types of tasks on behalf of the SPCs. We also formulate business plans for the power plants, manage and evaluate their progress, solve various problems, promote improvements, ensure the necessary financing and its management, and conduct various other types of work.

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