JRE Operations Corporation

EHS Policy

JRE Operations Corporation
EHS Policy

Based on the belief that EHS activities underlie corporate management, we enforce EHS management in our corporate activities to minimize the impact of these activities on the health and safety of our employees and the local community and to create workplaces that we can take pride in.

  • We comply with all applicable laws/regulations and in-house rules, and will work hard to further enhance EHS management.
  • We are committed to preventing accidents and disasters and creating a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • To prevent health hazards, we continue to enhance our health management system and promote measures to ensure the health of our employees.
  • We conduct safe and stable operations, taking into consideration the local environment.
  • We promote health and safety awareness among all employees by conducting health and safety training and in-house campaigns.
  • In conducting our EHS activities, we use appropriate managerial resources to implement effective improvement measures continuously.


EHS stands for “environment, health, and safety.” It indicates a method that is used to manage the environment together with occupational health and safety by integrating these ideas and activities comprehensively.
Believing that EHS activities underlie sound corporate management, the JRE Group enforces EHS management in all its corporate activities.

EHS management system

We have established EHS management rules that we comply with in the course of carrying out health and safety management. We review our EHS policy as necessary and formulate goals and plans for the year based on the results and circumstances of the preceding year. Each workplace formulates its own EHS policy, goals, and plans in compliance with the companywide policy, shares them with head office, and then conducts its activities accordingly. After that, while conducting daily checkups, the workplace and head office exchange opinions once a month and repeat assessments and/or improvements to eliminate in advance any high-risk factors that may lead to a disaster or accident. Thus, by applying the plan-do-check-action (PDCA) cycle, we continuously improve our EHS level.

Example EHS activity

We carry out emergency response training exercises regularly so that we are always ready to respond quickly and properly to a disaster, such as an earthquake or a fire.
Our training regimen includes early-stage firefighting training involving the use of fire extinguishers as well as simulated training for calling 119. By repeating this training for a variety of scenarios, we improve our emergency response capabilities.

  • Photograph of emergency reporting training

  • Photograph of firefighting training

Illustration of the emergency contact system (JRE Group system)

* Instructions issued by the Emergency Response Center or the Subcommittees to business sites shall use the reverse route to that indicated above.

Occupational accidents data

No major accidents have occurred since our first power plant entered operation, and we remain committed to conducting our business with safety as our top priority. All JRE Group members work together to continue implementing a variety of measures aimed at ensuring that the Group can operate free of disasters.

Number of occupational accidents by fiscal year

Lost time injury Injury without lost workdays Commuting injury
FY2016 0 0 0
FY2017 0 0 0
FY2018 0 0 0
FY2019 0 1 0
FY2020 0 0 0
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